Looking for a yummy, healthy Halloween breakfast or snack for the little ones (and you?) Well we have the perfect thing- Frankentoast!

First of all, Frankentoast’s big star is avocado.


Avocado is so silky and smooth, and so delicious! It can be added to a lot of meals (even smoothies and cake!) since it takes on the flavor of whatever you put it with. I love avocado, egg, and Mexican Quinoa toast for breakfast!


It also has SO many health benefits. It has “good” fat (these are monounsaturated fats) that is associated with cardiovascular health. It also is thought to help with blood sugar control, inflammation, and satiety. Satiety has benefits on weight control because you’re fuller for longer, and may consume less calories later in the day. (But remember- it IS high in fat content, so intake should still be controlled.)

Besides avocado, the other ingredients are whole grain bread, black beans (both good sources of fiber!) and American cheese slices (a great source of calcium to build strong bones.) The fat and fiber content will work to keep you and your kiddo full, while also providing them with a great flavor!


  • 1/2 avocado, sliced
  • 1/4 cup black beans
  • American cheese
  • Whole grain toast


1. Toast your bread and smear the avocado slices onto the toast.


2.Mash your black beans with a spoon until they look like this! This was really hard for me, but I bet it will be a lot easier for you, since you’ll probably warm the beans up first. 😉


3. Cut your cheese into 1 inch wide circles for the whites of the eyes.

4. Now place some of the black beans onto the top of the toast, long-ways, to create Frankentoast’s “hair.” (It always grosses me out to use parts of the body in place of food. But bear with me!)

5. Then use the cheese slices as the eyes, and place one whole black bean onto each slice.

6. Place black beans in a row for the mouth, and a scoop of mashed black beans on each side of the bottom of the toast.

It’s ALIIIIVE!!!!! (And scary delicious!!)


You can also pair it with some other food items for a fun snack or breakfast plate.