Indulge in Nutrition

Welcome to Indulge in Nutrition, where science, mindful and intuitive eating, practical solutions, and delicious foods blend.  We know that each person has unique nutritional needs, and everyone is at different stages on their journey to healthy living.  We meet you where you are today and support you to make your tomorrow more nourished.

We understand how difficult it can be to get accurate nutrition information from an expert instead of the latest fad diet and recognize the importance of a trusted resource for nutrition knowledge.  Indulge in Nutrition fills this missing information gap and is the trusted nutrition expert.  It is our goal to provide personalized nutrition information to clients in a simple and attainable way.

Meet our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Melissa Reid

Melissa Reid, MS, RDN, LD is a registered dietitian nutritionist and a health enthusiast.  Many people understand they need to eat healthy, but Melissa makes it easy to apply nutrition knowledge to your every day busy life.  Melissa empowers her clients to achieve a healthy balance of motivation and knowledge. She specializes in weight management and women’s nutrition.

After graduating as a nutrition major from Texas A&M University, I completed my clinical dietetic training at Micheal E. DeBakey Veterans Hospital in Houston, TX and went on to become a Registered and Licensed Dietitian.  I finished my master’s degree at Texas Women’s University in Houston.  My thesis concentrated on adolescents’ knowledge and application of nutrition.

After working with many woman trying to successfully breastfeed, I decided to become a Certified Lactation Counselor through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice.  This has empowered me to provide valuable assistance to moms trying to provide their babies the best nutrition.

My dietetic experience started in Houston, TX as I began my dietetic internship.  I had the opportunity to work with many veterans at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Hospital.  This provided me with my strong clinical background for providing medical nutrition therapy.

My next journey was working at Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) Overseas in Germany.  I had the privilege to help military families achieve a healthy lifestyle.  This opportunity provided me with the skills and knowledge to work with all ages.

At the University of South Carolina, I merged my passion of cooking and teaching. On campus I provided weekly cooking classes to students and faculty providing a fun, relaxing atmosphere to learn practical nutrition and cooking tips. I had the privilege to participate in their on-campus farmers market. I offered tours, activities, recipes, samples, and education to thousands of students, faculty, and staff.

I continue providing services through my private practice seeing both adult and pediatric patients.  This exciting endeavor allows me to share my passion for nutrition with a variety of clients.

To know me more, you would need to know about my driving force – my Christian faith.

Faith is like a muscle that needs to be worked daily.  It can only grow when it is exercised.  Just like exercising muscles, exercising faith is not always easy, but the rewards are always there.  The Lord has blessed me with many things including my spiritual gift of serving others.

I have three little boys and a wonderful husband.  At home, they are my guinea pigs to try new healthy recipes.  Before a recipe is shared with you, it must meet their approval.  My children and husband both enjoy cooking as much as I do.  Our kitchen is a fun, family environment where we enjoy quality time together.

I also am a proud military spouse.  Because of the army our family has been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world.  I love the challenges and blessings that come with being a military spouse and the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

I hope to have the privilege to meet you as well.  Call my office today so we can start a healthy journey together.